15 Dec


Sunday 28 May, 2017 @ 8:45pm – 9:45pm
Upper Lounge

• Fri 26 May to Sun 28 May @ 8:45pm •

Binge thinking: an excessive amount of thinking in a short period of time, or thinking too quickly.

Because everyone is different, it is not easy to say exactly how much thinking in one session adults can consume before it counts as binge thinking. Statistically, accidents and injuries increase fivefold after an extended period of binge thinking. As a guideline, women should not think more than eight times in any one session, and men should not think unless a woman is present to assist.

The sorts of accidents more likely to happen when people think too much or too quickly on a single occasion include becoming leader of a political party, a weekend of useless DIY or owning a limited edition Milli Vanilli T-shirt.

With his ferocious dark humour, bold award winning standup comedian Amadeus Martin delivers his sharp witted take on pen pal disputes, old school Lucozade, fundraising and much more. Amadeus may occasionally be obscene, so if you’re easily offended, do make sure to come along.

“Blends intellectual sparkle with off the cuff twists. Definitely worth seeing” -Fringe Review

“One of the most confident and competent shows I’ve seen this year” – Thin Evenings

“A self-deprecating and very talented comedian. One of my personal favourites” – Buxton Review

Time Out Critic’s Choice

“Comedy Pick” – Evening Standard & GQ

“Genius” -Metro