15 Dec


Friday 22 February, 2019 @ 7:30pm – 11:00pm
Upper Lounge
Medical News Today

Medical News Today, a part of Healthline UK, presents a charity gig showcasing a plethora of local talent, a veritable cornucopia of creativity from our lovely city, featuring musicians, singers, a rapper, a spoken word artist, and more.

This gig will be raising money for RISE, the Brighton-based charity supporting people affected by domestic abuse and violence.

Entry £5 (pay on the door)

Acts include:

Felman is a rapper, beatmaker, and multi-instrumentalist from Brighton. Fresh off a rap battle in New York City and last year’s release of his album, Tidings, he’ll be mucking in with live production, keyboards, storytelling, humour, and lyricism. If you like your kicks wonky and your metaphors obtuse, you’re going to want to catch this one.

Variously referred to as dark, intricate, melancholy, and atmospheric, Tim’s acoustic offerings are soothingly maudlin. His songs have a depth of emotion fostered by a long line of failed musical projects spanning two decades and a swarm of genres: Tim’s musical pedigree is as varied as it is unsuccessful. Although each of his musical endeavours has exploded in turn, his solo acoustic efforts have meandered along in the background, gently wheezing as they stalk through the half light. On a good day, Tim’s music is a cross between an incredibly poor man’s Jeff Buckley and Dave Gahan during the heroin years.

Tim has been playing music with friends for many years. Sometimes he plays music on his own. He is inspired by Nobuo Uematsu, the BBC Radio 4 Adaptation of Lord of the Rings, and the first half of Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds, although he doesn’t sound much like any of them.

Poet Maria Cohut — lovingly known as “Coco Death” and “Morbid Maria” among her colleagues at MNT — hails from Romania, the fabled land of vampires, where there are over 40 different ways of saying, “I’m drunk”. A lover of dramatic weirdness, Maria often collaborates with her typewriter soulmate, Matilda, to put together lyrical tales of love and heartache. If you like to listen to poetry with a dark twist, that prods fresh bruises and asks one too many personal questions, then you will definitely enjoy this mettlesome act.

James McIntosh plays in bands mostly, such as Supermarket and the Red Diamond Dragon Club, but alone he is The Ombudsman! Despite his many shortcomings in guitar playing and singing, he’s not afraid to tackle the big issues. Love, loss, alienation, the longing to be a penguin rather than a human — it’s all covered. Be prepared.

Marie Ellis is an American-born spoken word poet based in Bristol. She writes with an intensity that can only be described as chasing after the muse before she gets away. Political, empirical, lyrical — her poems don’t shy away from tackling big, difficult issues many of us face. Or, sometimes, she just writes about the mantis shrimp living deep in the sea, which is a nice change of pace.