15 Dec


Thursday 4 May, 2017 @ 7:45pm – 10:45pm
Upper Lounge

Please join us for our Music Networking Night!  Musicians, Singers,  Songwriters and Music Producers all welcome. We will ensure you get to speak to as many people as possible, and will organise introductions at the beginning of the night. You will have a name sticker on which you can write what you do, eg. songwriter, producer, or the name of your band or company! Meetup donation tonight is £3 which you pay on the door please! We are upstairs at the Caroline of Brunswick.

Proposed schedule below:

Welcome and Introductions

Talk and Discussion about music making

(15 minute break to get drinks etc and musicians to set up!)

Music Making. Some of our members will jam around some jazz covers to get the feel of some songs that we would like to do for a gig in May. Then the floor is open so you may bring a riff, some lyrics, a theme, a mood or a song you would like to rework and we will invite people to play with you. Please note this is not a Songwriting session or rehearsal so we won’t be spending a long time on any one song.

Drinks and Networking.