15 Dec


Saturday 9 June, 2018 @ 8:00pm – 10:30pm
Upper Lounge

Well you wanted a twist? Bitter Sour is back once again and this time we’re channeling our inner Divas! Who will reign supreme? will it be the power pop ballads of Britney and Christina? The madness within the minds on the Bush or Bjork? Or the darn right ludicrous behavior of Havisham or Cruella! we shall be exploring all aspects of Diva and what it means to our performers…

Cherry Fakewell! The queen diva of Bitter Sour, she’ll do anything for a twix- one finger not two, Cherry knows a thing or two about being an “it” girl, but where will her Diva inspiration lead her?

Guest co-host for the evening Hans (Head Shoulders Knees and Toes) (Knees and Toes) Euff. Addiction will be busy being a Diva so is handing over for this one to the capable hands of… Hans! but where will his diva side lead him?

Plus special guests…

Daphne the 10 year old! This Queen is taking Brighton by storm. After winning Lip Sync For your Life and performing alongside such talents as Sasha Valour we’re sure shes picked up a thing or two on how to be a diva.

Dick Day! We can’t wait for this one. Prepare to be taken on a journey of the strange and bizarre! They will leave you gagging for more!

And…. Clare Successfully! Clare Successfully is living up to her name, successfully gliding and twirling her way through the Scottish drag scene… and will be making her England debut here with Bitter Sour! Come catch her putting the D in Diva with us.

Tickets £6 on the door
Doors at 20:00
Show at 20:30