12 Mar


Sunday 18 March, 2018 @ 7:00pm – 10:30pm
Upper Lounge

Join your host Fuchsia Von Steel and her guests as she takes you through a unique blend of glamour, grotesque and comedy in an unforgettable evening.

Sunday 18th March

Is the Beast from the East getting you down? Fear not! Sleep Paralysis is going to bring you the best in Queer entertainment whatever the weather and this months show is as freaky as ever!

Our first guest is travelling all the way from fabled London and is one of the weirdest acts we’ve seen in a long time! if you crossed Dale Winton, Courtney Love and a bag of tacky Halloween decorations you’d get knockout – a queen who’s style fluctuates almost as much as her dress size. When shes doing falling about to Rock music you will find her doing a tombola or two (Expect the finest, premium prizes).

Second up we have a local favourite! Brighton’s bear cub, King Sammy Silver serves sass, sex and surrealness! He has travelled and performed all over the UK and internationally and does regularly vlogging on his comedy YouTube channel. Winner of King of The Fringe 2015. Rated in dragkings.net Top 25 Drag Kings and BOi BOX Ambassodor, this little cub can’t wait to dance his little paws off for you! You can also catch him at the Brighton Fringe performing his solo show, Sass, Sex and Surrealness!

Of course no Sleep Paralysis is complete without Brighton’s own Secret Society Lady herself; Fuchsia Von Steel! With a unique blend of old school Hollywood glamour, Cultist chic, and conspiracy theory realness, she is the crazy Aunt you wish you had.

Ticket’s avalible at the door for £6.50