10 Feb


Sunday 17 February, 2019 @ 7:00pm – 10:30pm
Upper Lounge

Join your host Fuchsia Von Steel and her guests as she takes you through a unique blend of glamour, grotesque and comedy in an unforgettable evening.

Sunday 17th February

Time for another hell raising show! This time we have one of Brighton’s most well known faces on the scene and a special guest you are all going to adore!

First off we have Calypso; part forest witch, part dancing furie, she is always ready to shock and stun an audience with her latest creation!

Secondly we have Electra; always obsessed with tragic women of power throughout history, she decided to become one! There is always something deliciously unnerving about this polished and prim housewife.

Our open mic performer this month will be Reece Withoutherspoon; an exceptional performer and one to watch out for in the future!

And of course, the grand dame herself, the Queen of damnation, judge of all and occasional vlogger, Fuchsia Von Steel herself will be there to hoast entertain and tell stories to delight you all.

Tickets are £6.50 at the door. There is also a tipping system in place so please bring extra money to show your appreciation for these amazing performers!