11 Dec


Sunday 17 December, 2017 @ 8:00pm – 11:00pm
Upper Lounge
£6.50 (pay on the door)

Join your host Fuchsia Von Steel and her guests as she takes you through a unique blend of glamour, grotesque and comedy in an unforgettable evening.

Sunday 17th December

The nights are at there shortest, the darkness and cold are crushing in on us, and those same songs that we only hear once a year are playing on a loop as we scurry from one over-packed shop to the next in the desperate search for that “perfect” gift.

But we have something very different in store for you at Sleep Paralysis this month, harking back to a far more ancient time. Old, dark gods, twisted fairy-tails, the smell of blood and fire laced with the harsh smell of snow.

Gracing the stage on this most auspicious of nights will be Oedopussi, drag king of renown, bringing the gifts of pyrotechnics, extreme costumes and some of the most impressive facial hair you are ever going to see.

We will also be joined by Brighton’s glamour clown Alpha Bites, ready to push the archaic female ideals to the limits of acceptability and beyond! expect campness at it’s most sinister.

And of course, hosting the show is the Duchess of Debauchery herself, Fuchsia Von Steel, always ready to take the audience by he hand and guide them through the dark and twisted passages of Sleep Paralysis.

Tickets are £6.50 at the door, show up when the doors open at 7pm to avoid disappointment as our last show was sold out!