12 Jun


Sunday 17 June, 2018 @ 7:00pm – 10:30pm
Upper Lounge

After a month off, we’re back! Bringing you the best of the weird in the Brighton Drag scene! We have it all for you this month, it was worth the wait!

Presenting acts from:
Chub Rub; CHUB RUB is a chubby trans boy from South London. He uses He/him pronouns. He is not a king or queen, but rather likes to call himself a drag peasant. This will be his third ever performance.

Tayris Mongardi; Previous winner of Lip Synk For Your Life, and resident ar Club Revenge, Tayris is well known for her incredible dance moves, charming personality and superb and emotive singing.

Vince Vanity; The first in our new open mic spot for new talent, Vince is here to mess things up, (metaphorically) rip your heart out and make you question all your past choices!

And of course, no Sleep Paralysis is complete without the ever delightful Fuchsia Von Steel, Brighton’s very own secret society socialite, ready to sell that last remaining sliver of her soul for that moment in the lime lite. Lock up your children, because she is highly skilled with that sacrificial knife of hers!

Tickets are £6.50 at the door, cash only, and make sure to bring extra money to make use of our tipping system!