15 Dec


Saturday 14 July, 2018 @ 8:00pm – 11:00pm
Upper Lounge


Count Addiction (Bitter Sour Presents) once again brings you her captivating show bringing a new nightmare to the stage, each performer will have no idea when or what song they will be performing to! That’s right folks, its ROULETTE!!

So what crazy devils have signed up to actually put themselves through every performers worst nightmare?

Daphne The 10 Year Old! winner of lipsync for your life and member of Brighton’s newest club night Queer Bash. Daphne brings energy in abundance to her lipsyncs with a creative flair and killer attitude which she will no doubt utilise to deal with the track that’s thrown at her!

Returning legend Madaleine Soleil! Madaleine impressed the audiences in past Tuck Shops with her hilarious Charlie Chaplin/silent comedy burlesque routine! she will be using all her burlesque experience when her mystery track drops!

And please welcome back to the stage… Sammy Silver! The self identified bear cub of the drag scene cannot wait to lipsync and dance his little paws off for you, he has toured all over the UK and internationally and cannot wait to return The Tuck Shop to once again leave us gagging for more!

And of course it wouldn’t be fair if….. I didn’t put myself through the horror!

Ever wonder why you put yourself up to these things? All for your entertainment of course!
The show MUST go on!!

Entrance £6 – tickets on the door